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About Us

New Delhi (India) settled, Oreo Plast is winning hearts since 2012. Embracing job roles of manufacturer and supplier, our company is putting forward its best in the market by designing a product-line with brilliancy. Plastic Tiffin Box, Fancy Plastic Lunch Box, Hard Plastic Lunch Box, Polycarbonate Glass, Steel Lunch Box, Plastic Lunch Box and Plastic Bath Mug are developed using quality-marked base materials.

We have installed modern machines in our production space; using which products are made in bulk. We leave no stone unturned in serving value to clients in the form of finely developed Plastic Lunch Box and other products because  serving simply the best to clients is our sole motto.

We area quality-conscious company. This aforesaid statement is well-supported by our stringent quality control practices which eliminates possibilities of our range ever possessing slight defects, completely from roots. At the warehousing facility, we well-keep our range in diverse categories for easy identification of products at the time of shipment.

Growing Since 2012

There has never been an year in our business journey where we have experienced a slight stagnancy in market growth. This is because we have always been forward-looking. Having back-up plan for every misfired action keeping in view future market needs, maintaining documents which contains information about customers' exact choices are some of the things which have made the paddle of our business cycle keep moving without stop. We understand the fact that in order to grow, a company needs to be advanced in working. Hence, we embrace new technologies in order to continually produce a improved assortment of Fancy Plastic Lunch Box, Hard Plastic Lunch Box, Polycarbonate Glass, Steel Lunch Box, etc.

Reasons To Say 'Yes' To Us

Beneath cited are some of the factors which will persuade buyers to say 'Yes' for doing business deals with us:

  • From the date of inception itself, we have been keeping our business morals in place and living up to all the commitments pertaining to quality and timely delivery.
  • Our business unit maintains consistency in quality. Fancy Plastic Lunch Box and other Products undergo several tests in order to come out as winner in the form of being completely 'Defect-free'.
  • We own voluminous production space where our offered line is designed and developed using modern technologies.
  • Our business entity maintains huge stock of products in bulk to meet demands of customers perfectly.